PReP medication can help stop people from contracting HIV. Getty Images Earlier this month, pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences announcedthat it will donate enough HIV prevention drug Truvada to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to benefit 200,000 people at risk for HIV. While news of the announcement was met positively, itRead More →

The subject of parental favoritism has been trending lately, with a number of think piecespopping up over the last several months on the topic. While many parents are often quick to declare they don’t have a favorite, a number of kids — and adult siblings — may beg to differ. In fact, the effect parental favoritismRead More →

If you’ve sought out teeth-whitening products, you might want to keep in mind how they might be impacting your dental health. New research presented at the annual American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology meeting in Orlando, Florida, sheds light on how hydrogen peroxide — used in the over-the-counter whitening products youRead More →