Early research finds evidence that diabetes drug along with another medication may help women with virulent cancer. Triple-negative breast cancers (TNBCs) account for roughly 10 to 15 percent of all breast cancers. They disproportionately affect African American and Hispanic women, young women, and women with mutations on the BRCA1 gene. TNBCs areRead More →

New research finds high-fat diets may change the makeup of people’s gut bacteria. A high-fat diet changes the bacterial communities in the gut and increases biomarkers of inflammation. The typical “Westernized” diet of processed and fast foods — high in fat and added sugars — has been linked to manyRead More →

From treating depression to helping manage alcohol addiction, researchers say legal medical “magic mushrooms” have many potential benefits.Psilocybin may have many potential benefits, but none have yet to be approved by the FDA. Getty Images Soft lighting. Comfortable furniture. Art decorating the walls. To the untrained eye, this setting appearsRead More →

Nearly all states have widespread flu activity. Flu activity rose significantly over the last week, with nearly every state in the union now reporting widespread activity. The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) expects influenza activity to remain elevated for the next several weeks. Since October 1, 2018, there have beenRead More →

Researchers say a vast majority of patients lose weight and shed their diabetes diagnosis. Other experts urge caution, however. If 75 percent of the obese patients with type 2 diabetes achieved remission after gastric bypass surgery, would you say it sounds too good to be true? A recent study published in the Diabetologia journalRead More →

New research suggests binge drinking can make changes to your cells and make you crave alcohol even more. What does binge drinking do to your cells? That’s a question you may have never asked before, but new research suggests binge drinking could be causing enduring changes to your DNA thatRead More →