Ever Heard Of Kheere Ka Pakora? Here’s How You Can Make This Cucumber Delicacy At Home

Ever Heard Of Kheere Ka Pakora? Here's How You Can Make This Cucumber Delicacy At Home!











  • Cucumber is an intrinsic part of Indian summer
  • Cucumber is packed with water, antioxidants and minerals
  • You can be as experimental as you want with summer fruits and veggies

Summers are here and our kitchens have been invaded with all things, summery, cool and fresh. Cucumber is one of our most seasonal favourites that we can’t get enough of right now. From our salads, sandwiches toraita, we are looking for ways to sneak cucumber just about anywhere. And it seems like the right thing to do as well, after all cucumber is one of the healthiest veggies you can add to your diet right now. About 96 percent of cucumber is just water. Besides being super hydrating, cucumber is packed with many antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is excellent to keep your blood pressure in check, and your skin nourished. It is also helpful in boosting your digestion. The best part about cucumber is that you do not even have to cook it; you can simply tuck it in raw.


But did you know that you may in fact cook the vegetable and make yourself some delicious treats? Although, to yield maximum benefits from cucumber, one is ideally advised to have it raw; but on days you are feeling experimental, there is no harm in trying something new. For instance, you can try this kheere ka pakora. These fried fritters made with the goodness of cucumber serve as a delectable treat during monsoon. Kheere ka pakora is a popular snack recipe, prepared in many households up North. You can team the snack with your favourite chutney or ketchup.


Besides being super hydrating, cucumber is packed with many antioxidants, minerals and vitamins

This is definitely not the avatar most of us associate with cucumber, but these pakorasare an ideal accompaniment to your evening chai. If you have plenty of cucumber at your home, and looking for ways to consume them all in less time- you can consider this recipe. Cucumber pakoras are fried the same way as you would fry your regular vegetable fritters. For those wondering, how the natural sweetness of cucumber would behave with the (spicy) batter, as you cook cucumber it loses its natural sweet tinge and mingles with the flour batter, and takes up the flavour of the spices. The end product is delectably scrumptious and crunchy.

This kheera pakora recipe by Chef Niru Gupta is also packed with the goodness of singhara atta and rock salt, which makes it Navratri vrat-friendly too!