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Make These Yummy And Creamy Desserts From Custard Apple (Sharifa)

We enjoy a variety of fruits throughout the year, each having its own distinct flavour and nutritional profile. We also love the rare taste of many exotics fruits available in our land, one of them being custard apple. Commonly known as ramphal, sharifa or sitaphal in India, custard apple finds favour with many fruit lovers for its sweet taste and creamy texture, which gives it the apt title of ‘custard’. Custard apple has a green-coloured hard exterior, which turns brown as the fruit ripens. Inside the hard shell is white-coloured soft flesh that stores a number of oval-shaped seeds. To eat the fruit, the flesh is scooped out of the skin and then the black seeds are separated and discarded as they are inedible.

Other than offering sweet, luscious flavour, custard apple also provides numerous health benefits. It is abound with vitamins like vitamin C and B6, along with many other nutrients like fibre, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. It is a low-fat fruit and due to its high content of antioxidants, it is also considered great for immunity system of the body.

Due to its sweet offering, custard apple can be used to create a number of healthful desserts. Here are some sweet treats you can make with this wonderful fruit –

Custard Apple Dessert Recipes –

Sugar-Free Custard Apple Kheer

This delectable treat is made creamier with a stunning combination of custard apple and coconut milk. It is made sweeter with jaggery and no extra sugar is added, letting you relish this dessert without any guilt.



Custard Apple And Coconut Milk Kheer


Custard Apple Kalakand –

Kalakand, a milky barfi mithai, is a popular Indian delicacy, especially prepared during festivals, celebratory and religious occasions. This version of kalakand will blow away your mind with extra creaminess and softness lent by custard apple.


Custard apple kalakand


Sharife Ki Kheer

Traditional white rice kheer with a twist of custard apple (sharifa) – this unique kheer is thick, lush and lip-smacking, and is served with a smattering of healthy dry fruits like cashew nuts and almonds.



Custard apple kheer

Other than these lip-smacking desserts, you can also use custard apple to enhance milk shakes, porridge, pancakes, ice-creams, breakfast cereals and more. This versatile fruit can go with just about anything. De-seed its flesh, mash it or puree it; and enjoy the heavenly taste of this exotic fruit.