Turkish Dosa, Peri Peri Dosa And More At The Great Indian Dosa In GTB Nagar

Try Turkish Dosa, Peri Peri Dosa And More At The Great Indian Dosa In GTB Nagar

Masala dosas are too main stream! If you’re a south Indian cuisine lover but bored of having the same old regular masala dosas or plain dosas, then there is something special for you. Located in GTB Nagar (near North Campus), The Great Indian Dosa is known for its umpteen varieties of dosas – you name it, they have it. The dosas served here are not only finger-licking good, but also quite filling as well. Known for its quirkydosa options, that too priced affordably, this place is located just in the right place – Delhi University. Since DU is a student hub where people are looking for cheap and pocket-friendly eating options, The Great Indian Dosa stands out to be a perfect bet for them.

This place has undoubtedly taken the dosa game to the next level. How, you ask? From Manchurian dosa, spring roll dosa, Mexican tacos dosa, Italian red pasta dosa and peri-peri dosa to aloo pattydosa and pav bhaji dosa, the options here are aplenty. What makes this place different from the others is the preparations style and what goes inside the filling of dosas. The dosas here are super-crisp and stuffed with delectable fillings. If you are a cheese lover who loves to gorge on things that are high on the spice quotient, then go for their cheese schezwan masala dosa. With cheese oozing out of every portion you take, this dosa is sure to make you crave for more.

If you wish to try something on the fusion side, then cheese corn and salsa dosa,masala tacos dosa, Italian red pasta dosa, peri-peri cheese dosaor American salad dosaare quite good options. You can even try their Turkish dosa, which has a filling of spinach and cheese. Interesting much?

Oh, and if you happen to have a special liking for all-things sweet and delectable, then there’s a lot on offer for you as well. From choco chip dosa, chocolate dosa, white chocolate dosa, brownie dosa, blueberry dosa to caramel banana dosa, the sweet dosashere are perfect for someone who has a sweet tooth.

So, without much ado, head to The Great Indian Dosa in GTB Nagar for a scrumptious dose.

What: The Great Indian Dosa
Where: 58, Edward Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi
When: 9 AM – 11 PM
Cost For Two: INR 700
Speciality: Chocolate Dosa and Manchurian Dosa